Child Dentistry

  •    It is said that every human needs as dental examination at the age of 6 months.
  •    We are living in the age where birth defects can be predicted at the time of conception.
  •    We at MDC focus on congenital defects of children such as cleft lip and palate and growth anomalies whish require
          growth modification.
  •    There is a lack of awareness among parents regarding certain skeletal problems which noticed as were dental
  •    MDC cases about catching the needy children at young age for a healthy future.
  •    The psychology of the child is considered to be of prime importance to us.
  •    MDC specialises at
    •    Fluoride application and caries prevention and treatment
    •    Early intervention of developmental anomalies
    •    Treatment for children with special need
    •    Trauma case
    •    Sedation dentistry.